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Which Throw Out Bearing


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Yeah, the 228mm pp is thinner, that part is dead on.


The problem I'm having is that there are 2 E30 pressure plates depending on if you have a

dual or single mass flywheel, and their heights are different, too.  AND to make matters worse,

at least one major aftermarket parts chain has them mixed up in their system, so when you order

a single- mass pp, you get the one for the dual, and vice- versa.  So I just don't remember which

height goes to what anymore- and I eventually tossed all the junk E30 clutch parts I had...


With the overall numbers from the BF site, I think you're best off just ordering the 228 E30 pp for a single- mass flywheel

and the 228mm 2002 throwout, and see if what shows up is close enough...


all I got,



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