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Local Sale - 76 2002 Auto With 45K Actual Miles


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Dear Rocky Mtn Group - I don't know most of you, but I have come to the conclusion that I must sell my 02. I would prefer to do this locally as I travel a ton and don't have time to deal with shipping complexities.  Plus I would prefer the buyer see it, drive it, and buy it.  I wanted to reach out to the RM Group first to see if there is interest or if you know someone.  I will post locally soon. There is a story to it and I'd be glad to share, but this is the truth and I have original paperwork, receipts, etc. 


The car is all original with the exception of a Factory Crate Motor with 20K miles on it installed 4 years ago.  The car sat in my Dad's garage from 1990-2010. I got it back on the road April 2011. It has passed emissions 4 years straight with the emissions gear off the car (I have it). I have put just 8K miles on it over the last  years just enjoying it.The dash is crack free. There are fiddly bit projects that I am just not good at (Front Seats need stuffing, the washer pump needs to be replaced, sending unit, and the sunroof recently needs adjusting & felt edging)


Parts that I have that go with it are from my previous 74" circa 1988-1990: 4 Speed transmission, Center Console with shift boot, clutch pressure plate, flywheel, Intake manifold with weber carb and a gas tank that was new in like 89' but used for a year.


I'd like $7500.00 for it.  Let me know if anyone wants to see it.







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Hi Tom - So I never actually posted locally other than here with the group. My wife never new the car, and when I got it out here, it wasn't the BMW she expected. She has never been a fan. It was an emotional day when I sent the Scud notice to the group. We talked about keeping it a couple more years so I can enjoy, but we soon have kids going to college etc, so there will be a time soon when she must go. Ultimately, if someone you know is interested...I would consider letting her go sooner rather than later. It would make my wife happy for sure.

I hope you are enjoying your drives! I have been travelling so much I haven't been. Might fire her up now and head up though! Take care - Steve

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