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What Are These Wires?


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Two quick questions for the community:

1) Can someone tell me what these wires go to? They're in the ceiling above the driver's door. Could they be power for the rear window defrost?

2) The previous owner desmogged my car (1975) and connected two holes in the intake manifold with a hose. They are connected to each other. My question is this: would it achieve the same thing to just plug the two holes? Or are they connected for a reason?








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Non-sunroof cars have rather dim overhead lights, one over each door...they're also kinda flimsy, so I suspect the PO broke the light assembly and just taped the wires up out of the way.  The plunger switch on the door frame that operates overhead light also triggers the "key in ignition" buzzer.  Easily disabled by simply unplugging the wire on the plunger switch that doesn't operate the dome light and taping it up out of the way...


I'd remove the hose that connects the two manifold vacuum ports and firmly plug 'em.  Use a sheet metal screw with some sealer rather than a plastic cap.  I replaced the former with the latter, and unbeknownst to me the cap leaked, causing a lean condition in #4 cylinder that led to a blown head gasket and burned cylinder head.  



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