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Driveline Driveshaft And 4 Speed Transmission For Sale

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Hi there

I have a Driveline rebuilt driveshaft and a 4 speed transmission for sale. I understand the transmission is not worth much however it is in very good condition and had all seals replaced. The driveshaft was a rebuild from Driveline in Portland and was installed the spring of 2013 and driven for about 600 miles (1000 kilometres) before storing the car for the winter. I paid $350 plus about $100 for shipping (to Edmonton Alberta). I am selling these pieces because I need the space and I upgraded to a 5 speed this summer.

I am asking $250 for the driveshaft (you pay shipping) and $100 for the transmission. Please sincerely correct me if that is too much for the transmission.

Please see my rest website; you will get an appreciation for the quality of these pieces.


Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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