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Wheel Arch Trim, Side Mirrors, & Alpina Style Stacks

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I am pleased to be able to offer a line of high quality reproduction parts at low prices to the FAQ community. These parts are made to fill holes in BMW's OEM market, be they no longer available or parts that have become overpriced at the dealer. Please email, PM, or watch this forum for more information on other previously NLA parts that we will have available.

The first offering is stainless steel wheel arch trim sets for the arch behind the rear wheel. These are direct replicas of the original parts that BMW offered in the 1970's and early 80's. These rare parts are now available after years off the market. These provide protection from stone chips to your paint and rust to your fender lips, they also add a nice touch to the style of the 02. Priced at $119 per pair plus shipping.

The next part I have available are reproduction mirrors. Pictured is a drivers side trapezoid. The mirrors are made of the same material as the mirrors that BMW sells, chromed cast alloy bases and stainless heads and necks. All parts for installation are included; seal, bracket, hardware and mirror. These are very high quality parts for about half the price of buying new from BMW and other parts sources. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, I will refund your money if you are not happy with the quality. I currently have drivers side trapezoid mirrors in stock, in 4-5 weeks I will have left and right, flag or trapezoid mirrors in stock. Priced at $110 per mirror plus shipping.

The next part for sale are these 45mm velocity stack sets. These were manufactured to look like the Alpina A4 trumpets that are no longer available. They are manufactured to a shorter length so tha they can be used with Weber 45 DCOE's, 45mm Solex's, or 45MM independent throttle bodies. Minor sanding and or cutting of the plastc tube beyond the mounting surface requires modification depending on your application. $65 plus shipping per set of four.

Location: Portland, OR<br />

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