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Copart Makes Me Cry Sometimes :(


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Just returned from going out to look at this. Interior is in excellent shape. Not sure whats going on with the shifter, it wouldnt move. The fan went almost completely through the radiator. Whoever buys this will get a 32" flat screen still wrapped in the trunk. Unfortunately in the state of Ohio Copart wont sell directly to the public, you have to use a broker. The broker fees will cost more than the car. If I had the room for it I would still consider it though.






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Not that it would make financial sense, but that could probably be fixed...


...and the gearshift isn't moving because it's been jammed back into the shift aperature,

and/or up into the tunnel.  And the driveshaft's probably accordioned or kinked...



Thanks Toby.. That all make sense. I was in dress work clothes and mud and water was everywhere in the yard so I couldnt really crawl around as much as I would normally have.

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From the VIN it's a 1970 1600...and the license place (just visible on the floor in one picture) appears to be "MCMLXX" -- Roman numerals for 1970.  It's equipped with a (relatively rare) Clardy A/C unit and a Nardi steering wheel.  Obviously belonged to an enthusiast...but don't belive it was worth $1500.  


For you fellow Ohioans with a jones for a 2002, this one's on Dayton's Craiglist:  https://dayton.craigslist.org/cto/4665240627.html  Too much money for one with rear wheel arch rust (see pictures) but it's fixable and looks pretty straight otherwise...




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