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Let Me Take Your Portrait!


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Hi everyone, I've been a member here for a while but I don't post very often.  I'm a photographer and I've been working on a project that I could use some help on.  


I am putting together a portrait series featuring owners and their cars.  My goal is to create a visual catalog of 2002s in the Bay Area and the diverse community of people who drive and maintain them.  From Concours examples to rat rods, original owners to race drivers, I want to include everyone.  We are fortunate to live in an area with an abundance of 02s still on the road and a culture that appreciates the notion that a car isn't a disposable appliance.  


THE PROJECT:  Each car and owner will feature in two pictures in the final project... one of the car, and the other, a portrait of the owner.  For your participation, you will be given one of each.  Ideally, I will collect all of the pictures and make an exhibition in a gallery as well as a book of the catalog.  PARTICIPATION IN THIS PROJECT IS FREE, I AM ONLY ASKING FOR A BIT OF YOUR TIME FOR PICTURES AND A SHORT QUESTIONAIRE. 


WHO AM I?  I am a professional photographer and the proud owner of a '74 2002 with a swapped M42 engine.  It is my daily driver and my weekend track car.  I have recently moved back to the Bay Area from London after earning my Masters Degree in Photography.  I want this project to be a love letter to the Bay Area and the 2002 Community.

My previous work can be seen at:  www.andrescavage.com -careful, that link is is NSFW for some nudity.  Nothing you wouldn't see in a gallery, but fair warning.  


So please PM me or contact me directly at andrescavage.photo at gmail dot com if you'd like to participate.  I'd love to start photographing the great cross-section of owners and their cars!



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This is intriguing—I have a background in large format photography and recently did a self portrait for BMW magazine. Was a fun experience, but like you, I prefer to be on the 'wrong side' of the camera ;) 


I would be interested in learning more about your process and perhaps you could peer-pressure me into being a subject! 

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Thanks for the continued interest, everyone.  I've replied to all open PMs, and I'll send one your way, Kile.

Looks like I'll probably start booking sessions for November, in order to be able to keep everything sane as they start to pile up.  Weekends will be best, but there's the possibility that I'll be able to do a weekday in a pinch.  Remember that we're about to start getting some short days, and I shoot under natural light...


Also, a favor to everyone who sees this or is participating-


I have one female owner tentatively booked so far, but I see plenty of them out on the roads of the Bay Area.  If anyone happens to know any more and can get in touch with them with details about the project, I'd greatly appreciate it.  As great as the response has been, the project will only truly reach the next level if we get to show that there's more to the community and the connection than a bunch of petrolhead dudes.  I mean no offense by that either, it describes me to a "T".

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All -


Jason came by our house yesterday for the photo shoot for the 02 owners catalog he is doing.  We had all three cars home.  Jason did a great job not only taking shots of the car but he also focused on the story behind the owner and car.   This is a great project he is undertaking.  I hope lots of Bay Area owners participate. 


Thanks again Jason!



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Just wanted to give an update to the progress of the project.  5 cars photographed so far, with another two happening this upcoming weekend.  I'm still missing some of the diversity of subjects I'm hoping for, but that will come in time.  

I haven't selected any final images from the shooting I've done yet because I have to take some of them to a drum scanning lab, but in the meantime here's a preview:


Spike checks a final detail on his '72 Chamonix.



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