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Wtb Vintage Shaft Style Fm Stereo

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Hi All,

This isn't really BMW related, but I figure you guys might have these laying around. I'm having no luck with ebay so far. I'm trying to find a stereo that looks semi-period correct for my '65 Datsun L320, and works. I'm looking in $10 to $60+ range, depending on condition and how awesome it looks.

This doesn't need to be a Datsun specific stereo at all, just something that looks old and in decent shape. It's gotta have all the knobs and a faceplate that fits, and it's gotta be in decent working condition. Needs FM, an 8 track would be extra humorous. Not spectacular finish, but presentable. I'm just tired of having a modern looking stereo in an old truck.

For my music needs I'll just use the radio and an FM transmitter to play music off a USB drive.

I'm in Southeast Ohio (45776) if you want to figure shipping costs. Please send a picture.

Location: Shade, OH, USA

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