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Engine Cradle - Suggestions


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About to drop an engine of of a rusted out shell, and am wondering if anyone has any dimensions/suggestions/recommendations/pictures of an engine cradle that fits an M10?


I'll probably be making one this weekend.  May even put a removable extension on it to support the transmission for when it's attached to the engine.


any input would be great!





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Sorry, should have mentioned: I was also thinking of using this as a test run stand as well as storage.


I ended up with an engine that may be a candidate for a megasquirt setup.  This would have to work for running the engine as well. (when it's not pushed into the corner of the garage)

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Here's what I ended up making.


bit of a pain on these engines that are tilted over.  Ended up having to make it 24" wide (wanted the cart centered on the crank). 


I'll add an arm at the back to support the transmission.  There is enough room to mount the rad up front.


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