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Fs: Very Old Steering Wheel


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I should have said that the single Peugeot lion resembled the right-hand lion of the two lions which appear on the Borgward marque.

I'm amazed at the varied knowledge of such obscure vintage marques! Good catch.

Wow, you never know what you're going to learn on the FAQ!


Okay, here's one: what's the significance of the twin flag emblem on the rear wings of the Triumph Herald? The correct answer will show its relationship to our BMW Neue Klasse cars.



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Well, it's lovely to know I now have a Borgward horn ring adding to the clutter in the garage. I am confident that my kids, upon my future passing, will be really impressed with the varied quantity of obsure junk.

I Imay just look for a Botgward forum in Deutschland and see if someove over there wants itk to help add a small increase to my estate, For which my kids would probably be more thankful.

(Frogive the mordid thinking but I just got out of the hospital after being rushed to the ER on suspicion of havng a stroke, Nothing found in all the tests except an unhealthy affinity for NKs.)

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