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Alpina A4 Tb On Ebay


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No, although I had contact with the same fellow a few weeks back, I believe he is somewhere here in California (possibly Monterey Peninsula).  Really nice system I think, definitely used, but not for long based on the plated bits still being plated and the aluminum - probably in a box in his garage for years.  Unless the pump has been modified (and it doesn't sound like it was) it is not a correct AlpinA pump as those are number PLO4 129.10  xxx.  I ran a tii for a number of years with a standard tii pump and it worked fine, but always a little lean (that was with Euro 9.5 E12 pistons and a sport 300 cam).  It did work noticeably better with the correct 129.19 pump that I later acquired.  Still, rare stuff that comes available less and less these days.




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