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Padded Vinyl Dash Revisited


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OK, I have been working through repairing my dash now for 3 months... I posted earlier my initial results only to see them crack!


I have tried many ways to repair a cracked dash... finally I believe I can say with certainty I have achieved my goal!!!


Now mind you, my car is being rebuilt so I'm not on the road yet. What I am saying is I think this repair will last several years before I have to get it restored correctly.


Your total out of pocket expenses will be right around 150 bucks give or take for all materials.


I have not finished my painting because the can of SEM satin black was bad so a replacement is on the way


The file attached is a PDF file but its pretty inclusive. I did forget to insert that the foam I used was Evercoat urethane foam I purchased from Eastwood Some product I bought locally - texture, glaze, etc.


But I am excited that My dash looks this good now!!! I will post final painted pictures as soon as its done!!!

BMW 2002 Dash repair II.pdf

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