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1974 Bmw 2002 For My Daughter


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I'm the mom of three daughters and want the best for them. My husband and I worked hard to find out what they are interested in while they were growing up. Our oldest is now in Africa doing her senior thesis on viruses. Our middle daughter is studying to become a computer engineer at an university. Our youngest was difficult for us in trying to find out what she likes to do. Every year, she went to the state in swimming. She is a natural leader with her friends but she shows no interest in getting involved in leadership. But, I do notice one thing about her. Diana loves to drive. She learned how to drive our 1995 Ford 250 when she was 8 years old. When my husband gave me 1976 BMW 2002 two years ago, Diana told me that she was to be the one to drive this car to high school everyday only to be told that she couldn't drive this car. Boy, my heart broke for her.

Three weeks ago, Diana sat in the living room saying that she was bored and had nothing to do. On impulse, I asked her if she'd like it if we buy her a broken down car and she gets to keep it once she gets it up and running. She jumped with great joy and started looking for a classic car. My husband and I were surprised to see her get all fired up and that she wanted a classic car. After looking for a classic car for three weeks, my husband and I found a 2002 owned by a hipster who thought that it'd be cool to own a 2002 but no clue as to how to maintain it. He admitted that his drunk friends tried to fix it up. The engine bay shows it to be dirty. The battery cage is rusted through that it needs to be replaced, The electrical work is in a mess! The aftermarket carburetor is not attached to it. The seats are original but needs to be repadded. The panels need to be replaced. It sat in a warehouse for 6 months. After my husband and I saw it, we haggled it down to the price that we felt was right then we towed it home.

Enclosed are the pictures of Diana coming home from work as a lifeguard to see her beaten up car waiting for her. We feel good knowing that we have great resources - bmw2002faq and BMW owners that we can ask. Diana's friends are also excited to help her fix it up to when she can begin driving it next year. We need more young people to restore classic cars. Most important of all, it is something that Diana has shown a great interest in .







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suggest reading this thread.



then get your daughter a safe car to drive to school as a first car.


Yeah, I was thinking that also.


But it sounds like your daughter, being a lifeguard, has been trained to be aware of her surroundings. That's important while driving 40 year old relatively unsafe cars as you likely know.


It is safer than a motorcycle though!



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+1 on Marshall's comments. E30 & E36 5 speed cars are great cars for a teenager.  My daughters learned to drive in a big bumper E30 eta car and my youngest still has one. Trust me, they both wanted an 02 very much in high school but for the reasons Marshall stated, they drove E30's.  Keep the 02 for a project car and once she graduates, give it to her then. In the meantime, let her develop some good driving skills along with a BMWCCA drivers clinic under her belt in a car that gives you some piece of mind with her behind the wheel. 



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Thanks for the excellent link. Diana is currently using our oldest daughter's 1997 Honda Accord to commute to school and the pool. Before our oldest went to Africa in August, Diana used our 2008 Nissan Versa and Chevy 1500 daily since November of last year. Honestly, we are hoping that Diana would get more driving under her belt before she can get to drive her 2002 by the time she graduates from high school. From what I've seen and I may be wrong here that young people tend to be more responsible and careful when they are burdened with something that is "bigger" than themselves. For example, I've seen a great many young people doing well with their horses and they tend to be more mature and responsible ( used to own several and had to sell them when we moved to washington from Wisconsin). Thus, it is with my hope that Diana would be instilled with the need to take a good care of her car while she works on it. By the time, her car is ready and she'd ready to handle the car out there ( fingers crossed). Notwithstanding, we do appreciate caution. I need to get her on board so that she can interact with members like herself. Thank you.

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