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Eurotrash Sub Enclosure Installed With Modifications


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If you have an early car with Bluedevils' seatbelts installed (the reels are under the back seat), you may have thought that you couldn't use a Eurotrash sub enclosure. I'm here to tell you that, with mediocre fiberglassing skills and foolhardy ambition, you can modify one of these enclosures to meet your needs.


I may have also gone with an 8" sub over the designed 6.5" sub. 


FYI: you can buy an unmodified sub enclosure from Jason here: http://boltonbliss.bigcartel.com/


Went from this:




....to this:




See more details on my blog:  http://tx02.blogspot.com/2014/10/bass-make-1600-go-faster.html

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Nice....I went with the Alpine Type R sub...My amp is putting out some good power and the Type R also works amazingly well in small enclosures....That polk sub is designed for a box that has .42 cubic feet of air in the box, the box has .15 cubic feet of air.  You may have some serious frequencies that are deficient.  The Alpine sub is designed to work in .15 cubic feet....plus handle 350 watts RMS and 1000 peak.  



Eurotrash makes a great product!





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Hmmmm.....I measured the interior volume after I cut out the seatbelt section and came up with .44 ft³. I would guess that the sub volume to subtract from that would be around .7 ft³, leaving .37 ft³. According to Crutchfield, the ideal sub enclosure volume is .35 ft³, so I would think that I would be fine.


Where did you find the .42 ft³ number and how did you come up with .15 ft³ for the enclosure? I measured the volume with water.


All that being said, I'm no audiophile. Sounds good to me!

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