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Headlight Buckets: 2 Types, Old And New? How To Tell L From R?


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My vehicle: Model 1971 Euro 2002 tii vin 2700056


(1) I see from the parts catalog that the headlight buckets used for the US model 67-73 cars differ from those for the US model 74-76. I suspect that I may have a late US bucket in my early car. How does one tell the difference between the old and the new buckets?


(I realize that the Euro buckets were different from those designed to hold sealed beams [uS]; I have the latter.)


(2) A previous poster kindly posted the following procedure for telling the Left bucket from the Right bucket:


"The way to tell left from right is to examine the bottom of the bucket from the underside. the circular part that is welded to the square frame is welded in different positions and this will correspond to the opposite of the angle that the nose panel and the mounting plate are located in the nose panel."


I confess that I cannot decipher this. Could anyone possibly state it differently?


Many thanks to all who answer.


Gordon Paine

Eugene, OR

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