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Torque Specs


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Does it give you the unit of measurement (inch lbs, ft. lbs, NM)????  If it does, does it say more along the lines of "80+/-14" or strictly +14?  If its just 14 then the range is from 80-94.   Assuming its a normal situation, i dont believe it is a trick question.  


Torque at 90!!!!


But you can also make sure by giving us what you want to torque if there is no unit of measurement so you don't over tighten it and break something.

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 It is not necessary to always specify a +/- tolerance.  On an engr'ing drawing 80+14 means:  no less than 80, and no more than 94.  In other words, 80 is the absolute minimum, and 94 is the absolute maximum.


for further reading if desired ...... 








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