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German Vs Chinese Bearings


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wait a minute, I gotta play the engineer card here.  I also did not understand a word the guy said, so The Empirical Method says there has been no empirical evidence presented by which the observer can properly and definitively know which bearing is which.

    Even though the written text implies which is which, that could be incorrect in an attempt to lie to the consumer, caveat emptor and all that.

    And those two bearings could be apples and oranges:  ultra-low grade  vs  the ultra-high grade .... which makes any comparison not a comparison.


Here's some other dudes having a discussion about that video .....






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Keep in mind that buying SKF or FAG these days does not mean you are buying bearings made in Germany. Maybe buying from BMW will get you the real thing, but the rest, not so sure anymore.


I visited a SKF-factory a few years back in France. Very impressive, super clean and very high tech. And I don't know how many SKF bearings were made in Germany, since it's a swedish brand - Svenska Kullagerfabriken.;)


Also, about 15 years ago I replaced both front wheel bearings on the '02. My supplier carrying SKF just had one at the moment, so I had to settle for a Timken on one side. The SKF I think I replaced last year, just cause everything else up front was replaced. The Timken lasted a year.


And if you buy BMW, you probably get FAG or SKF. And that's a good thing. 

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To be fair, the chinese CAN produce good things.


I spoke with an importer a few years back, we bought some tools from him but this time there was one he couldn't offer. They had bought the product for years from the same manufacturer, but this year his boss had bargained and got the price down. "Sure", the chinese said. And produced according to the price. The product was useless. I guess you get what you pay for. 


The factory wheel bearings on a Chevy S10 are made in China. On the other hand, they're crap. But that might just be the construction, not the part..=)

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