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Valve At Back Of Kugelfisher (Or Parts)

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I'm wondering if anyone has a spare valve for the back of the Kugelfisher pump?

I really only need the spring clip*, but if someone has a spare they'd part with for $$ let me know.

I think they are all the same, but if it matters, '73 tii.



*dissembling, right when I'm taking out that spring, my daughter comes around the corner "Hi Daddy" and sproing, that clip launches across the garage.... too much magnetic dust from plasma cutting in that corner to use a magnet to find it. :(

Location: Saskatoon, SK

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Sorry I don't have a spare one to offer you (wish I did).  I highly recommend shutting yourself in a small well-lit room (like a bathroom or closet) before popping that tiny spring out from the pressure-maintenance valve.   I took one apart in my garage and had a hell of a time finding it.

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