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'71 2002 Roadster With A Wide Body And 2.6 M20

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I'm helping a friend sell a 2002 that my dad put the engine in. We can deliver the car to you on a trailer for cost. Asking $6,000.

When I first met the current owner of this car I was informed that it had an engine swap done by my dad, Pete McHenry. After speaking to the mechanic, Mark Laramore, who assembled heads for my dad in the 1980's and early 90's, I learned that the engine in this roadster was the original M20 my dad built for his Inka Orange '72 tii in 1985. In 1988 or so Pete decided to install a S14 from an E30 M3 to be faster at the track. Although the S14 is the ultimate in performance, Pete preferred the M20 for street driving. It is quieter, smoother, and makes better low-end torque, he said. He sold his M20, the first M20 in a 2002, to Randy Bennet. That is engine that is in this car now. Mark was friends with Randy and worked on the car including replacing the timing belt, fuel pump, and recent upkeep.

After a conversation at Mid-Ohio in 1985, Pete McHenry embarked on a mission to put BMW's small six cylinder engine in his 1972 2002tii. He dubbed it the 2602 because the volume of his first engine was 2,579cc's. I found Pete's file folder labeled "2602 ENGINEERING." He found the M20 with light flywheel was 15 pounds lighter than the M10 and the front of the block was in-line with that of the 4 cylinder. It took a lot of work to make the M20 engine a bolt-in conversion, but the result is stunning torque and about 200 horsepower in current trim.

In 1985 Pete took a European E21 323i engine and bored it out. He used custom forged aluminum pistons and rings of his design. The head was reworked and a Schrick 292 cam was installed. The intake manifold has been extrude honed and a 530i throttle body is used. A light flywheel was chosen along with a 228mm clutch. The radiator is from an E21 323i. Pete machined the water pump and installed a special bearing to make the unit shorter in order to clear the radiator. Custom reinforced engine mounts were made. Randy added beautiful 3 into 1 headers and powder coated many of the engine and suspension pieces.

Randy purchased the car in the 1980's with the roof already removed and the rear section of the roll bar installed. The rest of the stout 6-point roll bar was installed by Craig Phelps in 1989 to recover stiffness and add to the safety of the topless 02, along with front and rear strut braces. Randy then brought the car to Jack Summey, owner of Jack's Customs, a North Carolina body shop. Jack has been chopping roofs and making custom bodywork for over 35 years. There, Jack installed the widebody, smoothed the bumpers, and shaved the trim pieces. This work and white paint job was done in 2001. The majority of the body is composite and further cuts weight from the roadster configuration. Randy insisted on keeping the car as light as possible. In 2004, Jack chopped the windshield 4" and had the BMW glass cut at Pfaff's, a well known local glass cutter. He also installed a Miata header panel so that a top can be framed and installed. The Miata latches are included. At that time the flake was added to the paint and the fiberglass hood and trunk were changed to Kevlar.

The suspension setup is unknown, but it does sit on adjustable coilovers with a large rear sway bar and a custom bent front bar to clear the 6 cylinder. The period HRE multi-piece wheels are 15x7" front and 15x8" rear.

The chassis is rust-free; the only apparent rust being surface spots on the unfinished interior. Jack went over the body and repaired any damage. The underbody has been detailed and the suspension parts power coated.

The dashboard is the 1-piece style with no cracks. The wiper motor works but there are no arms. The tool to button the hood and trunk is included. The hood and trunk can be removed and installed by one person.

Drive Train:

M20 323i engine (distributor in the block)


Schrick 292 cam

E12 528i ecu

3 into 1 headers

Free flow exhaust

Custom machined water pump

323i radiator

4 speed 320i transmission (wider first gear ratio to absorb the M20 torque)

320i slave cylinder

Light flywheel

228mm clutch


Adjustable coil-over in front

Custom large front swaybar

Large rear swaybar

6 point rollcage

Front and rear strut braces


H4 headlights

European turn signals

Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel with a cast aluminum hub

VDO gauge pack: oil temperature, oil pressure, clock

HRE multi-piece wheels 15x7 front 15x8 rear

Kuhmo All Season tires 205/50 front 225/50 rear

Recaro seats

Aircraft seatbelts


Fiberglas fender flares

Kevlar hood and trunk

Fiberglas front spoiler

Fiberglas rocker panel covers

Sport side mirrors

Painted chrome and aluminum

License plate holder and light

Shaved handles and locks

Shaved belt moldings

Internal door release

No side windows or regulators

4" windshield chop

Miata header panel

E21 backseat

Relocated gas fill

Relocated battery to the trunk

Here is a link to 72 pictures: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjYWj8cp

Location: Winston-Salem, NC<br />Year: 1971<br />Make: BMW<br />Model: 2002<br />

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