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Header Replacement For A Newbie


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hi guys, just bought a 70 2002 and i am replacing the header because of an exhaust leak.  wanted to ask the best way to get the old header out and the new header in.  i don't have an engine hoist.  just the basics jack stand and jack with air compressor and air tools.  so far i removed the 8 bolts that attach the header to the block. then i removed the 3 bolts that attach to the pipe of the exhaust pipe.  the header is free but i cannot pull it out.  what would be the best recommendations. 


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yeah, some header designs are a real bear to get in and out-

I have one that's a real pain- unless you corkscrew it in, and then it

just sneaks right in and settles down.


Took me an hour of swearing to figure that out, and then 30 seconds to

remove/install it after that!


Keep trying.


And yes, you can unbolt the motor and lift it some, but I'll bet you won't have to...




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Have installed my Stahl header more than a few times. From the bottom,  after the car is on jack stands turn the wheels (Do not remember which way---it will become obvious) all the way to lock to get the steering bits out of the way.


74 2002Lux

02 M Roadster

72 Volvo 1800ES

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