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Luigi Joins The Navy


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We took Luigi down to the Coronado Speedfest at the Coronado Navel Air Station last weekend.

We had a pretty good run for our first time there. It is quite a different track, without the usual visual clues around the outside. It gave me additional respect for those who used to race on old airport tracks all the time.

The Speedfest is part of Fleet Week, and they really put on a show. It is an event you should put on your list. Navel ships open for tour, Off-road trucks racing, pit crew competition, car show, etc. It is sponsored by the San Diego area BMW dealers who offer test drives of BMWs on an autocross track.

One of the highlights for us was being reunited with my old Jaggermeister car. Jeff Gerken, who bought the car, is the GM of BMW of El Cajon. They were one of the major sponsors for the event- provided the pace car, etc. He treated us like royalty all weekend. Thanks Jeff!

The group we ran in was quite a mixed bag- 3 Can-Am cars, a bunch of tube framed Trans-Am & GTO cars, and a few RSRs, and a Ferrari 312.

I qualified mid-pack after a problem in qualifying set us back. The circuit breaker for the high-pressure fuel pumps in the fuel cell kept popping. I'd make a few laps, and it would pop, and I'd have to pull over, shut off the ignition, re-set it, start the car, and pull back onto the track.

Jim rewired a stronger fuse into the circuit, and took out the breaker. That cured it.

I also cut down a LF tire during qualifying. The track is VERY abrasive, and chews up tires. I only had the set on the car. Jeff Gerken had an older set, and loaned me his LF. It was well worn, but held air.

Saturday's race went well. I qualified 12th, and finished 11th, after passing a 914/6 at the start and holding him off for the rest of the race.

Sunday's race had a big shemozzle in turn 1 on lap 1. I followed Jeff through, and came out of Turn 1 in 6th place! There were a bunch of really fast cars behind me.

In the next turn Jeff took a very strange line. I thought about going by him in 3, but I could tell something was wrong with his car. The steering box had broken off the frame, and he didn't have really good control of the car. I got by him out of 4, and he eventually pulled off and retired.

The rest of the race I spent trying to hold off some very quick cars. I eventually finished 12th.

Great weekend, and really fun event.





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