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Sept Gtg/drive?


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Hi all,


Looking to see if there's any interest in another FAQ 02ers GTG and Drive before we hit October. ??


Since I think those of us in attendance enjoyed the last one back in August [excepting that fiasco of a drive home down the "temporary parking lot known as Rt.74"], and I'm lazy and haven't thought up another location/route that's as fun and doesn't take much longer to traverse -- I'm proposing a REPLAY of that event.   :D


Proposed Meet Date/Time:  this coming Saturday, September 27th, at 1:00 PM

Proposed Meet Location/Drive:  Tipsy's (landmark giant liquor store with big parking lot) off I-470 and Bowles

Proposed After-Meet Drive: "The Route" - see map below.


After the meet-up at Tipsy's, we'll head out a fun short drive that I like and take a lot in the nearby foothills, that I've nicknamed "The Route".  It generally takes a bit over an hour or so to traverse, depending on weather/traffic, but  also factor adding in time for a pit-stop for refreshments in Evergreen.


The Route's summary: Exit 470 at Ken Caryl, then past South Canyon Park back onto Deer Creek Canyon Rd (Rt124/122), the west up to/under 285 onto N. Turkey Creek Rd (Rt64). Then right on Rt73/74 and into Evergreen.  We'll finally return back home va Rt74 thru Kittredge, past Red Rocks, and until Morrison, then back to I-470 or 285.  [and if there's another foreseeable traffic fiasco, we can alt-route it home from Evergreen via 73 back to Conifer/Rt285.]






I hope there's some interest, and we can get an even larger Rocky Mountain 02 FAQers group together this time. The weather IS supposed to be pretty nice.  And sorry in advance for the rather short notice.  If this date doesn't work out for you, let's start talking up an October GTG too.  ;)


Keepin' the rubber side down,



ps: alternate ideas and/or suggestions welcome!  Also 'kudos' to our local 02ers who got pics of their cars in the recent Roundel article covering OFest 2014!

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Sent out an email (to personal account) about a week ago.   We are shooting for an Oct. 11-12 weekend drive.  No route defined as yet but always open to your suggestions.


I'm down for another drive this weekend, too but have got responses from a handful of guys for Oct. 11-12.


What do you guys think?




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As for Oct 11-12, here's a proposal for a location/drive. B)  The Mt. Tom Loop.


The Meet up would be in Golden, say at Parfet Park.


Then we'd do the Crawford Gulch Road (Co 57) backway loop up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park - which can be our pitstop location roughly mid-trip.  Then back via Golden Gate Canyon Rd (Co 70) to Robinson Hill Rd (Co69), then to Douglas Mtn Rd (Co60) to Rt119 and home on Rt6.


It's like a 40 mile loop, with something like 1.5 hours drive time.




Other variants are to just stay on Co70 heading home, with a full loop back to Co57, or to even head back from the Park via Black Hawk way Rt119 to Rt 6.


Not sure where you guys were thinking about meeting tho'.

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Following up -- there twas four o' us attendanced -  jimk, jimbo69, BakesCO and myself...




Really nice day/drive/company -- cut short after our pitstop by the effective closure of 74E, so we all headed homeward via 70...  Regrettably, we also hit our fair share of slowly trucks and driver-eds en route  :huh:


Still fun tho' whenever we can get a pack out!

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