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Brake Pad Sizing Issues


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hello all,

I am changing the brake pads, and trying to get upgraded to some proper pads for auto-x and track.  I'm wanting to use the Hawk Blue - feedback welcome.

here is the issue though: 

the pads I have removed from the car are SMALLER than a standard 2002 pad.  they measure 77mm wide by 59mm tall. 

the Mintex pads I have (NOS spares) measure 77mm wide by 70mm tall, so they don't fit, I can't slide them in far enough to get the pins through the holes.

when I look up the Hawk pads, their spec is 89mm wide and 70mm tall - which is actually for a 2002ti (or tii I suppose).  this is a bigger surface area pad then either the Mintex or the old one I removed!

the caliper itself is a 2 line 4 piston caliper on a solid disc.  when I bought the calipers 8 years ago the pads came with them, and everything bolted up nicely with no issues.


so the question is:  what the heck is on the car right now?  do I even care?  does anybody have experience with the Ireland Vented Rotor Front Big Brake Kit?  looks like it should bolt straight on to my 2002, and I should still be able to run my 13" wheels.


any insight from the 2002 masses?








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