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Panel Bonding And The Spare Tire Well`


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I know that I will have to repair the spare tire well in my soon-to-be-mine 1600-2.  From my initial inspection, there is a rust hole, but nothing too bad.  This has to be confirmed with some sanding, scraping and poking.


I searched here and the web and only found people here who were going to do it but had no real experience.  Panel bonding is for "non-structural" repairs.  So I'm not sure where the spare tire well falls since it holds the tire.


Assuming I only need to replace about 1/4 of the well and not the mounting stud, would this be a good job for panel bonding (Fusol or 3M 8115 or similar)?




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I am a big fan of the Lincoln bonder. The Miller one is good, too.


Toby - where have you used it and how has the repair held up?

As far as brands, I will probably use the brand that a local paint shop carries. They had good recommendations when I repaired a Jeep years ago.

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Pretty sure that Toby is referring to welders, Lincoln and Miller are probably the two most popular home units.  If the entire hole isn't in one spot or even if it is, fiberglass is also a good option till you get more familiar with bodywork.  It's more than plenty strong enough to hold a spare tire in there and will also keep the water out.  Being that it's not a visible location, it could last for years.

And it smells really good too :)



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