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Rear View Mirror Install Help Needed


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Does anyone have a link to rear view mirror install? (a '75 2002). The mirror-- along with the arm connecting it to the roof liner--fell out while I was adjusting it. Not sure how to reinsert the arm into the roof liner slot. Do you simply pop the base of the arm back in, or does the coil need to be detached first? I'm guessing this operation should take 5 seconds, but …



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Before you put it back in, go to a junkyard and get one out of an E30.  Mounts exactly the same, looks the same but it's about 2 inches wider.  It really makes a huge difference.


Step 1: align the mirror with the clip in the roof. Step 2: push hard. Step 3: curse loudly. Step 4: push harder. Repeat as necessary.

Definitely do the e30 mirror. Much better.

And those are the perfect install instructions!

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