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Hello all,


New to the forum. 76' 2002. Got it when I was twenty and didn't really appreciate it, been in storage for about 3 years and now getting back into it with a new found appreciation for this car. 


So on the dash I have 2 lights that are on,'Reactor Service' and 'EGR Service'. (These lights were not on when I first got the car but came on after a year or so and have been on ever since). I can't seem to track down what these light might possible mean and how to go about turning them off.


From what I have gleaned they have something to do with emissions modifications. If so, how can I tell if I still have these emissions modules and how to get the lights off. 


Any suggests or direction is much appreciated. Thanks all.


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The later US models have a distance-based timing circuit that counts rotations of the speedo cable at an intermediate box the speedo cable runs into below the brake booster bracket. If you follow the speedo cable out of the firewall and down (or forward from tranny) you should find the box. There is reputed to be a small button on the box you can push in to reset the counter.  It doesn't actually control anything but just measures a distance interval. Of course you can also unscrew the cover over the display and unplug the connector to disconnect the light.


PS:Maybe one of the neat little little digital AFR displays from wideband.com will fit in there instead.

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