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New Battery/odd Electrical Problem...


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So a couple weeks ago my alternator belt snapped on the highway, drained battery, overheated, etc. Got a tow to a garage where they discovered the alternator was actually missing a couple bolts and was "flopping around." It looks like all the flopping lacerated the starter cable coming off the battery, cutting through the insulation in a couple spots.


Fast forward to last night after starting and driving the car many times and many hundreds of miles...turn key to "on", dash lights illuminate brightly, pump the gas, turn the key to crank the engine and lights go off...NOTHING. Stone dead battery. Even tested it with the jumper cables to see if I could get a spark. NOTHING. Got a jump and drove home (about 15 minutes) with no issues. Park in the driveway, and shut the car off. I'm suspecting the battery at this point so I turn the key back to "on" and there are immediately no lights. NOTHING. Suspicions confirmed, right? Wrong. This morning I jumped the car, drove to the parts store and installed a new battery. NOTHING. Got a jump from the nice folks at the shop and drove to work.


So, the question: Would a lacerated (shorted?) starter cable potentially prevent the ignition from getting power but then allow the car to start if jumped? I'm attaching the cables to the battery terminals, so it's not like I'm bypassing the cable. It doesn't make sense to me.

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I would freshen up the contact surfaces of your cable clamps, where they meet the battery posts and see if that helps.


If you are using the type of clamps that have two bolts and a metal "strap" that sandwiches the wires into the clamp, throw them away.  Those cause problems.  I needed new cables on my car and ordered a pair from Blunt.  I really like the oem ones.  


It may not be your problem, but that is where I would suggest looking first.

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