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Kindness Of Strangers: Flat Tire


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Driving home today on the 495 Beltway, my TPS illuminated for the RR tire on my Honda Pilot just before my exit so I slowed down, rolled down the RR window and tilted the outside mirror down.  Within 1 minute, the familiar roar of a flat tire made me slow to a crawl on the exit ramp then stop.  I proceeded to start changing the now flat RR tire when a small car (Hyundai Excel?) pulled over in front of me and backed up.  I started loosening the lug nuts when "Henry" said he had a floor jack in his car.  He jacked up the RR and I swapped the flat for the spare. I was grateful and we said goodbye with a fist bump (my hands were filthy) and I wish I had some cash to offer him.  Henry said he was a mechanic and had just worked on the brakes of a Honda Pilot this week.


I drove home and found (2) screw holes in the tire. Both are plugged and tires swapped again -  in my driveway using my floor jack.




Thanks to Henry!  I will pass it on.

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Nice, Jim. Night before last I ran over something in the E24, which I was going to drive to work yesterday until I noticed the RF was flat. Pulled the wheel in the garage and stuck the spare on instead of putting a jackstand under the car. Spare looks original and seems to have never been on the ground. Note the three letters ;-)





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