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*selling My Small Parts Stash...*

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I just finished a 5 speed swap, and I'd love to recoup a little cash by selling all my unneeded parts. Make me an offer on anything. Low ballers welcome, but make it worth my time? As for payment, I'd prefer a check in the mail, but we might be able to do something else. I was wondering why I wasn't getting many responses, but then I realized all my pics disappeared  :huh: so here they are again...

I'd also trade anything(s) I've got for:
-a nice radio (Doesn't have to be original)
-good weather stripping of all sorts

-Camden Blower (LOL)

Ask me about what you're looking at and I can tell you all about it. Have a good day!


Location: Greeley, Colorado, U.S.A






















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I'm in Greeley CO. Here's the thing about that 4 speed trans... It leaks and will never be leak free until it gets a new back cover. The reason why is because a failed guibo damaged the case where the shift shaft seal goes and damaged the output flange as well. Thankfully the selector rod is untouched and it shifts fine. I've driven on it for the past 4 years with no troubles except for this. The gears don't crunch, the syncros are good. Usually you can tell when things are about to go wrong when 2nd is hard to engage, not the case with this one. Bottom line is, the trans would be fixable but it would require: a new output flange, new back case piece, and a new shaft seal minimum. The internals I believe to be very good, and while I'd rather just sell the whole thing, I'm willing to split the case and part it out if no one wants it whole. I mean if you're lazy, the leak is slow but I wouldn't go to all that trouble and half ass it. As for price, It's yours for whatever you'll give me for it. I'm fine with shipping it, just be aware It's probably $$$ big money to do so. If you've got a good case on hand with bad internals, I could dismantle everything and send you the guts. But for me to do that, you'd have to give me a little extra. That's a good bit of work.



You can see the damage to the output flange and case pretty well here. But like I said the shift shaft is untouched. Don't let broken guibos go folks! (do as I say, not as I do  :mellow:)
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