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Dipswitch Wiring


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Hi everyone,

1976 2002 rhd

Trying to sort the wiring for the dipswitch stalk,problem is I don't even know whether what is there is a dipswitch or not as the wires going to it have been cut, spliced hanging off and generally  messed about with the 8 pin plug at the other end is as follows1 brown/yellow 2 black/ purple 3 brown/ black 4yellow /black 5 violet/ black 6 pink/ black 7 red/ black 8 blue /black.

on the back of switch (part number01835612/1357010)the terminals are numbered 85 53b 53e 53 15 what looks like a1 and one that i can't see as there is a big blob of solder

what I need to know , if someone could help, is if this is the right switch and if so what wires go where

any help would be much appreciated as the wiring diagrams I have found do not coincide with the wire colours

Don't know whether it is of significance but it has a 12fuse fusebox

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Hi every body again 

Could anybody post or send me a picture of the dipswitch from the wire side,so I can see what colour wire goes to which connector,and oneof the plug that is numbered 1-8(5 terminals on one side and 3 on the other)

will be much appreciated and very helpful, I will post a picture of what is fitted just as soon as the battery in my camera charges



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That appears to be a wiper switch from a 76, located on the right side of the steering column. 


(edit: I see that yours is a RHD, not sure of differences)


The colors do correspond to the one I have here.


The brown/yellow wire coming off of (#1) on the plug, does not go to the switch, but has a female spade connector at the switch end.

85-brown/black stripes(#3)

53b-black/white stripes(#2)

53e-black/violet stripes(#5)

53-black/yellow stripes(#4)

15-violet/black stripes(pink/black above)(#6)

1-black/red stripes(#7)

7-black/blue stripes(#8)


Here are a few photos.







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Thanks for putting me straight,yes it is on the right of the column,so I presume that the dip switch is on the left with the indicator stalk?which is in a similar state.Does explain why the colours were different!

Many thanks for the information just what I needed will have a look at it on Monday andwill let you know if everything works-

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