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My Roundel Online Piece About Sway Bars As A 30Th Anniversary Present


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As some of you know, in addition to my bi-monthly Roundel pieces, about six weeks ago I began writing every week for Roundel Online, the e-mailed newsletter that you're sent if you're a BMW CCA member and have checked the option to receive Roundel Online in your profile on bmwcca.org. Since I bang these out every week, they're almost a throwback to what I used to write for Roundel -- very immediate, intimately connected to whatever I happened to be doing that week. 


If you want to see these pieces routinely, join the BMW CCA and select the option to receive Roundel online. But I'm posting this one, as it ties my relationship with 2002s, E9s, and Bavarias together with my just-celebrated 30th anniversary, and has a certain resonance. 


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Thanks for posting, Rob. I enjoyed that as I do all of your columns and well-written posts on this forum. I have a copy of your book at the shop, I promise that it will be read soon!


I found a good lady as well, it seems like she may be The One, and she is incredibly patient with me (I work on cars for a living, and technically own 3 if you include my 944 Spec racer project; none of the above were drivable approximately 1.5 months ago. She didn't criticize or object to ferrying my around a few places until I got my 944 Turbo drivable again). The tii engine will be together soon!


I must say, it sounds like both of you guys have pursued your respective passions to the fullest: writing about/working on cars and bugs! That is awesome.


Keep up the good work.

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