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Lots Of Parts - Most New Oem - Rare Find !!!

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Here are parts I have for our beloved 2002 !!! Most are new OEM, some used.
We used to restore 2002's and are wholesale foreign car parts company -
Started in 1983, mostly inactive since 1990 or so.

Original BMWCCA # 17067, impeccable references, but not been active on this site.

Have Front turnlights, body chrome, lots of "clips & clamps" and etc, etc

ALL PARTS LISTED w/Pictures - see my post 21 and ad as well


Ad shows around 100 "listings" with first 80 pictures or thereabouts


** Note - Pictures 81 - 100 are shown in Post #33 - was too large for Sale posting - See them at # 33 !!


Be sure to  See "Parts for Sale" Ad and Post # 33 here to view everything I have for sale


I need to dust off and clean some of the parts, 

Let me know what you want and I will wash/clean/polish and send you a new photo


Promise to ship within 7 days of payment or sooner !!  Selling since 1983 to Happy Buyers !!


Buyers - please give positive feedback after delivery (as applicable, of course)

Some items maybe not priced, want to fair and help you all with your cars

All new parts are % of list, unless NLA.  Used priced fairly

Pic # 1 - Lower moulding clamps, New OEM 30 pieces, with nuts - nuts maybe aftermarket, but work great

Pic # 2 - misc gaskets - manifold, waterpump ??, and spacer - can't remember where this goes, please help

Pic # 3 - 2 springs & a flasher

Pic # 4 - Lowerl rocker trim fasteners - OEM, new, 31 pieces, Original OEM for 2002 !!

Location: Lexington, KY 40503

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I always have sold for less than others -


Still adding & updating prices, but if you want an item and know List is less than I'm asking,

let me know and I'll reduce, should be considerable savings for you


I will be adding some part numbers where possible and adjusting as well.  May take a few days -

so if you can assist, we can reduce sooner


Sold some parts already, shipped next day



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seriously, i'm only trying to be helpful...these are your parts and you can market them however you want but it would be to your advantage to get the necessary info such as current prices, if that's where your prices start...


a good example is the rocker trim fasteners you advertise at $6.00 each....


"Pic # 4 - Lower rocker trim fasteners/clips - OEM, new, 31 pieces, Original OEM for 2002 !!
Asking $ 6 each SOLD 14, found 24 more, 41 left to sell'


50 cents each compared to your $6.00...i offered to buy all that you had, 31, iirc, at what i thought was a fair price, approx 50 cents each...i even provided you with a link showing you the prices..are they still available or did you sell them to someone else after i said i wanted to buy them


if you will simply google the parts, you'll find you are extremely over market prices, your prices don't reflect your advertising of you're offering "considerable savings", "selling for less than others"



here's the 1st link i opened when i googled bmw 2002 rocker trim clipe/fasteners









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Esty -


You seem like a great guy, but you're mistaken here


My clip for Lower Rocker is 51 13 1 816 046


Look at the pictures.  Your clip is 51 13 1 829 904


My clip Lower Rocker, your clip rubber moulding -


It gets more confusing, but basically, The rocker clips are rare,

The rubber moulding was made for later cars - 3,5,6 7 series,

hence those moulding clips are more readily available.


2002 rubber moulding clips are 51 13 1 804 205

3,5,6,7 Series moulding clips    51 13 1 829 904

I always thought (am sure) these are the same clip


Now, when you punch in 51 13 1 816 046,

part # 51 13 1 829 904 comes up but this

is an error.


You can't put the lower rocker clips on the rubber moulding - doesn't fit -

at least the hundreds I have used don't


I also think that even their 904 clip is not same as ones I bought (205 or 904)

Maybe they're made in some tennis shoe factory now.


BMW South Atlanta is good source, but they do have a lot of part #

errors with their part #'s.  I have bought 2002 parts by the truckfull,

so I have some experience.


Esty, I hope you're not trying to dis me on this forum.  You & I are

both great enthusiasts and can learn from each other.  If I make a mistake,

I'll apologize, but I have owned 28 2002's (including one 1602), 3.0Csi, 3.0CSL,

and a couple Euro 7 Series (still have one).  I have dealt with Circle Motors, IAP,

EAP, Dallas Euro, and SSF to name a few.  Used to know part #'s by memory !!

Good 'ol days - Korman, AIR, Coachworks, toss in some cool Mercedes & Alfa.


Anyway, still working on prices, reduced chrome to 66 % of list, will continue, but

this pricing is difficult with my limited time.


Esty - If you can find 51 13 1 816 046 for any price, I'll certainly take less,

          but I'll make you a deal - Let me drive your car around the block and

          I'll let you have 'em for 25 cents.


p.s.  I hope this post isn't too long.  My reputation seems at stake here.




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Esty -


You seem like a great guy, but you're mistaken here


My clip for Lower Rocker is 51 13 1 816 046


Look at the pictures.  Your clip is 51 13 1 829 904


where are the pictures of the 2 parts you have listed here, i can't see them


i absolutely mean do disrespect, it's just i've never had such a run around trying to buy a few parts advertised...here's what i think...i think what you're calling lower rocker clips are in fact not rocker clips but are for something else, if there discounted value is $6.00 each...


this is my last post about your stuff,  i don't need the clips, if i do later, i can more easily buy them online & i wish you the best of luck moving all your parts...again, sorry if i pissed you off, my intent was to buy some clips from you...i shouldn't have offered an opinon and just kept my mouth shut...sorry


buying & selling parts aside, i have 4 o2's and other BMWs that you're welcome to drive anytime

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ok, my friend, a picture tells a thousand words - here is 4 pictures !!


Moulding, clip, clamp - rubber moulding w/cream colored clip, 1 clamp


cream color mldg clip 51 13 1 816 019 for 2002

(similar to your pic of white clamp 51 13 1 829 904 - 3, 5, 6, 7 series)

although I doubt quality of the 904 clamp !!


Little black clip 51 13 1 816 046 is for lower rocker.


See - They're different - not interchangeable !!!


Maybe some of you guys have never seen the "046" clip.

They're great to have.  Maybe mine are expensive, but

they are genuine 2002 for lower rocker panel "chrome" mldg

Better to have these than attach rocker cover with screws !!


Wish I had more of the "019" clips, had hundreds, they're inexpensive,

too bad you have to use the "904" clip instead for the rubber mldg.


Hope this shows everyone the difference in the clips







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Wrong part - See pic - This white clip is supposed to be 51 13 1 829 904

- Supposed to be moulding clip for rubber moulding 3,5,6,7 series.


Looks like cheap imitation for this application, oh well, guess it works somehow


2002 clip 51 13 1 816 019 for rubber moulding, guess "904" supercedes this and

they're made somewhere in ........


Neither of these are to be confused with rocker clip 51 13 1 816 046 (little black ones)



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