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Oil Leaking From Actual Distributor


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I have a 9 month old rebuild Bosch vacuum unit which has decided to suddenly leak oil from just under the points. I did a search and possible causes include blocked oil drain hole in distributor housing and blocked valve cover vent. Both of those don't seem to be my problem.


Makes me think the shaft seals on the distributor are gone. What are my options? Send it for rebuilding? Try rebuild It my self (Im not sure where to get the seals though).


Anyone else got any other theories on the cause of the sudden leak on a relatively new distributor?

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I recently took one apart and did not see any seals.  

There were fiber washers in the stacks of shim washers, one at the top and bottom.  Maybe they act like seals. (?)  


I bought a washer 'kit', 


REPAIR SET DISTRIBUTOR-SHAFT   1     12118630239 $16.51


but it did not include the fiber washers.


Sorry, that's probably not much help.


I think distributors are about the most interesting thing discussed on here, so I will be watching this one. 

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There shouldn't be any oil inside the dizzy to leak out. There's no seal on the shaft just slide bearings and they shouldn't be worn out in a recently rebuilt unit. I don't actually remember which way the worm screw works - I think it's to raise some oil to lube the slide bearing.


First open up the dizzy to see what kind of amounts of oil you'll find. If there's plenty you should pull it out and check the drain under there. Or could it be just some remains from rebuild - probably not since it's already 9 months...



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