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Source For Bearings?


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I decided to take the plunge and try to rebuild my Getrag 245 5-speed transmission.


I am having trouble sourcing one of the bearings, specifically the front layshaft/countershaft bearing.


I was able to still get a few of the other bearings from my local BMW dealership, but can't find this one.


Does anyone have any suggestions on a source for difficult to find bearings?





1976 2002 base


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Agreed on the specialist route. It requires special pullers and other tools to separate the transmission case on those things, and getting the tools will likely be worse than sending the tranny out in terms of time and money involved. As far as bearings, any bearing specialty shop (found in the yella pages or industrial areas of major and minor cities alike) will be able to supply you with suitable bearings given the inside and outside diameters and thickness. I believe that Walloth and Nesch offers a transmission rebuild kit with seals and gaskets, but no bearings. Cahsel might have something, but you will need to contact them directly.  

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Yeah, I found the same thing- there is one bearing in there that's not trivial to find.


And getting the sucker back together's not trivial either.


If you have one that's certified dead, take it apart carefully, and then try to get it back together,

don't throw any parts at it at this point.


If you can, and it turns and shifts properly,  THEN throw parts at it, measuring occasionally.


my 02


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