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Autoliv Seat Belts, High Quality

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I see some people are selling cheap Chinese/far east made seat belts for your 2002 some by sellers of questionable history/origin. It is of course your choice, it is called free market you know, but I myself cannot put up with that so I retaliate with a much better set of seat belts worthy of your loved little bimmer. These 3-point fully retractable sets come with nice and new Autoliv made retractors with zinc plating an all, heavy-duty webbing, hardware, etc. Smooth operators. I have one set ready to ship and can finish another set in about a week. Best of all is the price; no, they are not as cheap as 85 bucks/pair unfortunately but inexpensively priced at @185/pair shipped at your door. Yes sir, you cannot find a better set for any price unless of course you don't give a shit about quality. Very close in quality if not better to new BMW sets which cost an arm and a leg. Enough said.

Location: Durham, NC

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