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Out With The Old, In With The New!! Ireland Front Rear Swaybar Install


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So, I've had all this sitting in my garage for a few months now waiting for it to cool down a bit.  Sooo glad I finally got them in.


New IE F/R bars, Billys and front spring caps and washers.


As most have said, the rear bar is the hardest to get in.  The poly needs the edges trimmed off up by the bolt flange.  Another tip that I learned is to have the split in the poly facing down.


My method was to jack it as high as my floor lift would, drop it on jackstands and take a third jackstand lifted to the level of the bar mount.  Rest the other end of the bar on the jackstand to keep it level and get the bracket that you're working on in.  Use a bolt that's a half inch longer than the originals to get it started, once you can get one of the originals in, tighten but not all the way.  Once you get both brackets mounted, you can move to the rear (don't forget the bushing grease)

I mounted the poly bushing first then screwed on the heim joint. You want some wiggle room to be able to get the heim joint into the pinch mount.  Once you get that in, put the pinch bolt in, but don't tighten anything.  You may then have to take a big rubber mallet and knock the bar towards the other side to get the heim to align with the pinch. 

Once EVERYTHING is bolted up, then go around and tighten everything down.  Prolly took me 3 hours because I tightened the poly bolts before I realized that I had to slide the bar over an inch.


Not much to say about the front, the hardest thing about that is getting the old swaybar out.


Hope this helps someone.








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if you can't move the bar with the poly bushings cinched down, it is way too tight.  you should be able to freely move the bar side to side and rotate it, without slop, with the brackets tightened down.   all poly bushings i have tried are too big for the brackets.  have to shave off the flat part until the bar can move.


this applies to the front too.  on the front though, you can add washers under the brackets to relieve the pressure.

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