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Hi, I am new in this forum. In 2011 I bought this '69 NK1800 (VIN 1905142) in an auto wrecker. Originally was sold in France and in 1976 was imported to Spain. I am not very skilled so any advice is welcome and appreciated. Thank you in advance.




To complete the selling it was required to pass the technical inspection. So I had to replace the exhaust, front brakes, small fixes in the electrical installation and replacement of cooling tubes.


Now I am dismounting the car completely. I had a problem with the steering ball joints. I was not able to release the steering bar and I partially broke one screw trying to get the bar out of the car. First thing I am involved now is to dismount the engine and the gear box to fix them.


This is what I did yesterday:

1. Disconnect and take out the battery from the car.

2. Open the radiator cap. Unscrew the screw of the motor block to empty the cooling liquid.

3. Dismount the air filter.

4. Disconnect and take out the alternator. Disconnect and take out the temperature sensor. Take out the alternator and fan belt.

5. Take out water tubes.

6. Take out the radiator.

7. Disconnect and take out the glass cleaning liquid tank.

8. Disconnect the gasoline tubes from the carburettor. Take our the intake manifold with the carburettor.

9. Disconnect the starter engine and the two earth cables connected to the engine.

10. Take out the rear and intermediate exhaust.

11. Disconnect the bulbs and unscrew the bolts of the exhaust manifold.







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Hello and welcome!

Was the car a running car when you purchased it?

What is your goal?

It looks

Like a nice car.

You will find all of the NK owners to be friendly and supportive.

Your car is a later car so you will have more parts availability than some of our other models.

If you have any questions please ask!



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Thanks for your welcome.


The car was running but there were some problems. The maintenance made to the car is unknown. The body has also some problems. I made some repairs to pass the technical inspection and complete the buying process. 


So my target is to dismount the car completely and repair every part.

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Good luck - you'll find help here, on the UK forum (best for sourcing parts and info in Europe), the French forum if you speak French and are willing to pay for membership (but also a good source for parts) and there's an NK Facebook group too:








Car looks really good and if the body is as rust-free as it looks then it's an easy mechanical rebuild with just a few parts getting hard to find. Good luck and keep us posted. 



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I tell you two more working days with the car:


1. Take out the exhaust manifold.



2. Remove the holder of the gearbox and I put a jack to hold the gearbox.



3. Remove the speedometer cable and the rear gear indicator switch.





4. Remove the screws between the shaft axle and the gearbox. (But the shaft does not release and I do not know if this is normal).




5. I remove the holder between the front shaft and the rear shaft.




6. I release the clutch cylinder (with a nylon hammer and after 1 hour hitting and putting some oil).



7. Unmount the shift lever.



8. I remove the two screws of the right engine holder and remove the nut of the left engine holder.





9. Remove the distributor cables.



10. Unscrew the screws of the engine hood from the mechanism which has the springs. This must be done with the hood completely opened otherwise the springs will trip when the last scre is removed. (which is what happened to me). The hood is very heavy so next time I will ask for help. 


So I think everything is ready to take out the engine+gearbox except for removing the hood. If anyone can confirm, I will appreciate it.
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I forgot today my camera so the pictures are made with my cell phone.


1st I have removed the oil from the engine.



2nd I tried to separate the engine from the gear box, but there were some screws which were very difficult to reach. So I thought that it would be a good idea to take out the engine plus the gear box all together. I have realized very soon that it was going to be very difficult. Furthermore, the crane had been surprisingly cheap and now I know why. Finally I removed the screws between the engine and the gear box.



3rd Once the screws were removed, the gear box was not easy to separate from the engine. I got them separated by moving up and down the engine with the crane and moving up and down the gear box with the hydraulic jack. After some fight I was able to lift the engine. To remove completely the engine I had to move down the front side of the car.



4th It is funny to realize what to do with the engine onece it is out from the car.




5º The gear box is not so heavy, so I was able to lift it with the help of my brother in law.




I am feeling like z0007.gif ... let us continue step by step...

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Looks like you have a nice clean car to start with. It appears it doesn't need paint. If you can keep all original you will be better off in the long run, just my opinion. Sort it mechanically and drive it. These are nice cars to drive and enjoy. Very different experience than 2002 Bavaria or coupe for sure.

Good luck!!

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Unfortunately, I think the car needs a complete repair of the body. Paint is not in good condition although it looks really good in the first picture, But looking closer, there are some rusty areas, the driver's door is not properly mounted (possibly due to an accident)...


I am willing to see the car with a complete repair body and new paint.


So, my target is to repair every single component as much as I can. And my view is also like yours: I would like to keep all original.


Thank you very much for your advice!!!

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I have been arranging a little bit the mess I had already made before I forget about them.

1st I put the screws which join the engine with the gear box. Then I have covered the engine until I find the time to repair it.



2nd Finally I was able to separate the transmission axle from the gear box. I put the screws and nuts in the gear box axle.
3rd I have kept all components that I had already taken from the car.
4the I have labelled the cables I had previously disconnected to take out the engine.
5th I have disconnected and taken out from the car: the coil, the temporization relay, lights, blinkers and horn and the regulator. I have labelled all cables.
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I continue with the electrical system


I wanted to unmount the wipper system but I have not been able. Is a special tool required to remove the wippers?



I have removed the horns relay. The holder is broken and this is the reason why there was a wire holding it around. The ground connection is screwed to the holder.




Then I have removed something strange which I am not able to identify in the electrical drawings. I am sure it is not original. Maybe it has to do with the fog lights; although it has written that it is something related to the horns.




And there are no cables left in the engine compartment.



So I remove the blinkers relay below the steering wheel:




I spent time removing and labelling each wire of the fuses box.





Then I removed the cover below the steering wheel and I remove the command of the blinkers and lights.




I have began to remove the central part. The anchors are below a cover which is in the lower part.





Before being able to remove the central piece, the radio has to be unmounted.




Once the radio is out, there are two screws which hold the central part to the ventilation system.




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I am stil not able to remove the wiper arms. This is what I tried without success: 


Option 1: The screw driver is positioned above the clip and I have to push the clip down to loose the wiper arm.

Option 2: The screw driver is positioned below the clip and I have to push the clip up to loose the wiper arm.

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I have used penetrating oil in order to release the wiper arms but I have not been able to take them out. I have used quite a lot of oil but I had no success. I haven't use any tool because I do not want to damage any component.




I have taken out the glove compartment. It is fastened by each side with one screw. At the back side there are 4 screws which joint the glove compartment to the hinge.




Then I have taken out the heater/ventilation. The control pannel of the heater is fastened with two hexagonal screws each side.





The air ducts must be removed afterwards. They have a flange on the top side but after loosing it I have seen that the air duct is sealed with some glue. I have removed the air ducts from the bottom side because there are no flanges nor glues.





Behind the air ducts there are two nuts per side. When they are removed, it is possible to take out the heater module.






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Then, I have removed the dashboard right trim. There are three holders (2 of them black and the other white) in the back side, above the glove compartment. The cigarette lighter must also be removed. Cables are disconnected, the control is unscrewed and there is a nut at the back side of the control to remove it. Behind the trim there are the screws to remove the dashboard.










I have taken out the old speaker...




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To remove the left trim first we have to remove the wiper switch, the emergency blinker switch, the starter switch and the lights switch. For these controls, first we have to unscrew the control, and then unscrew the ring which holds the control to the trim.














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