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I know tires have been discussed numerous times. And I've done a lot of searching, but I haven't seen a comparison between the two brands I'm looking at.


Searching the FAQ archives (and my Owner's Handbook) shows that the stock tires on my 1972 2002 with its 4-1/2" rims were 165-SR13.  I am currently running with some "much-older-than-I'd-prefer" 185-70R-13 Michelins that came on the car when I bought it 2 years ago, so it's definitely time I re-shod the old girl. 


The 185s are okay, but I like the idea of replacing them with a slightly narrower tire, more in line with the stock 165-SR13 tires.  I have an opportunity to buy either a set of new Coker/Vredestein 165-13 Sprints, or a set of new 175-70-R13 Armstrong Euro 82T All Season


I'm going to be sticking with the stock 4-1/2" wheels. 


Does anyone have experience to say which would be the better of the two; Vreds vs Armstrong?  And how much of a handling difference can I expect from going from a 185 to a 165, or a 175?


BTW, weather-permitting, I'll be at Lime Rock's Gathering of the Marques on Sunday Aug 31. Hope to see some other FAQers there




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While 175/70 tires are more common (they fit older Civics) they will make your speedometer and odometer read incorrectly.  A 165/80 and 185/70 tire both have nearly the same revs per mile, while the 175/70 has more.  


I prefer the wider 185/70 tire, but you really should mount 'em on 5" rims vs the non tii roundie 4 1/2 inch wheels.  I'm having the same problem as you finding a decent 185/70 x13 tire as I'm loathe to give up my factory alloys--took me 20 years to find a set in those long-ago pre internet days!  So between your two choices of the 175/70 and 165/80, were it mine I'd stick with the 165/80...or find a set of tii plain steel wheels and some 185/70s...


BTW, has anyone come up with a good 185/70 x 13 tire over the past few months, other than Kumhos and all those Chinese brands no one has ever heard of?




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Mike, I agree with you on the 185/70s, they are a more natural size for our cars. Just this past week, I happened to find a set of Falken Sincera SN828s in 185/70R13 at the local Discount Tire. They've gotten decent reviews, and at $35 per tire, with a $50 rebate for 4, it was a good deal. Interestingly, the 175/70s were priced at $55 per.


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I recently went from 320i alloys/ 185-70 Vredestein Contacts to stock steel wheels and Vredestein Sprint. The car now appears lighter, easier to turn at low speed, more playful with surprising grip and reasonable speed. Perhaps the way it was originally intended. On a track the wider tires are probably the way to go, day to day, however, I prefer the Sprints.

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