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OT, and maybe a repost, but i know there are some GTV fans h

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Guest Anonymous

Price for decent GTV's normally start around $8-9K and go up to $20K or so. Which is a bit higher prices than most 2002's (read decent 02's in similar condition start around $5K). GTA's are in the stratosphere with nice cars hitting $35K or much more.

New parts are available... and are a bit more spendy than 02 stuff (read 40% more on average). Used parts.. are much harder to come by, mainly because there are fewer Alfa's being parted than 02's.

They're fun cars. Just be aware that the tinworm is very bad for alfa's.. they seem very prone to rust much more so than 02's of the same year and in the same area of the country. I've been wanting one for 5-8 years now and a, still trying to find a good one. Most have lots of hidden rust. I want a 67' --pre smog, free reving 1600 engine. It would be nice to find a GTA but I've given up that search... at least if I want to spend less than $20-25K.

So now I'm thinking Lotus Cortina... if I can find a nice early one w/aluminum door skins and trunk lid. But they're rarer than hen's teeth now in the USA. A friend of mine has a really nice 65' that I drool over now and then.


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Guest Anonymous

those were the cars I drooled over in the early 70's.

I have this picture forever burned in memory of a

white GTV hauling ass on the Panamerican

Highway in Panama. I have owned the last two,

never even driven an GTV, there is one in town just

sitting, uhmmm, maybe is my last chance to

complete the trilogy...


72 tii

ex 73 240z

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