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searched archives, no luck. front wheel bearing r&r?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

someone asked the same question a while back and

someone suggested putting the hub in the oven at 350 along

with cookies and races would drop out? how to reset new

races?Also, I've read two conflicting tightening requirements

for the castlelated axle nut: one is "finger" tight, and the other

was 10-15lbs of torque. With "finger" tight I get a slight

wobble when hand rocking the tire and wheel when mounted

on the hub, at 12.5lbs I get no wobble. Bearings bad?

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Guest Anonymous

Buy a brass drift and lightly tap out with a big ball peen hammer (big is more gentle) at six equal points around the perimiter of the race thats stuck. clean, clean, clean then lightly tap in the new race and check your seal dia against the spindle. Torque down the Rook to 45 lbs to seat everything then, back off, a little at time until the wheel can turn and, you can just move the big washer with a std. screw driver around a little then see if you got a hole lined up for your new cotter pin.

HTH, going from memory but, I re did the the rotors bearings and, seals on my fronts and, I haven't had any issues with wear or shimmy's for, at least 10K miles...

Good Luck

John McA

67 1600

76 2002

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Guest Anonymous

Oh yeah, Use one of those lyse (sp?) brand universal grease packers (along with a grease gun) make bearing packing really easy. Those tools I bought as opposed to taking the car to a garage and, paying them.

Then, I passed the buck foward by calling up a couple of buddies and doing thier rotors, pads, bearings and seals the following weekend. Remember, torque down the calipers 60ft/lbs. I used a cheapo air tool to loosen those 19mm (?) bolts.

Bam. Bam,Bam,Bam! I was done. Racked up a nice balance on the karma credit line. My buddies paid/got the parts. I just did the wrench stuff - kind of Zen like...matrix movements, in slow motion.

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Guest Anonymous

Mine fry if I go over finger tight. Or rather, snug it up (40 ft- lbs will kill the bearings- try 10!) and spin it, then loosen until the nut has no resistance. At this point, you should have a slight amount of movement in the bearings. No play is bad, anything more than 1/8" at the outside of the wheel is bad.

At least, that's what my car wants.

But I track the piss out of it, too...


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