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Hi, well I am now fumbling around with a TII that has been sitting a while. After fixing all the fuel leaks and draining the tank, I got it running. It runs pretty decent, lucky me. However I noticed fuel pooling in the air snorkel. So after reading the forums I figured the injector was faulty. I unplugged it and it ran even better. Since then I have tested the injector as the forum suggested. It seems to be operating as I would expect, just a Burst of fuel while cranking. So I plugged it back in. I notice the throttle plate (choke looking thing) isn't opening to allow the fuel to enter the intake. Should that plate open upon cranking the engine? Thanks fred

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As suggested, I've always wired the cold start injector to a manual switch, hidden under the dash.  I'm in northern CA and don't need much help when its cold so I turn the ignition on, hit the cold start button for about 2-3 seconds and its good to go.  This eliminates common problems with the injector and/or thermo switch but is not a "purist" fix.  ;-)



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