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Sort Of Ot: What Is Inside A Metal Fuel Filter?

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I have a Facet 4psi electric pump that I use a pressure regulator set to 2psi and was wondering what is inside the metal filter on the intake side of the pump? Paper filter ? Screens?


The car sits for long spells between starts and I find that the paper portion of the plastic filter I use before the carb dries out and I just replace that filter periodically and go. Should I replace the metal one as well? 


I have been having fuel starvation issues where the pump gets really loud like it's sucking air and when I tap on the metal filter it goes away and runs good. No doubt replace the filter but just curious.


My fuel line is as follows:

Tank>Plastic filter>metal filter>pump>fuel line under car>plastic filter>carb>motor>GO!


Here is some obligatory car pron to keep it on topic... ;)



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And air, as you seem to be finding.  An impulse pump can be partially defeated in suction by an air- filled filter.

It acts as an air spring, expanding on the suction cycle, then compressing on the feed cycle.



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