M20 Swap Parts Collecting And Inquiring

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i am currently in the collecting parts stage of my swap.

i also posted in parts wanted but figured posting here would be effective too.

so far I have:

m20b25 with all bolt ons and systems pretty much ready to bolt in and power up.

tranny & bellhousing ready to be pressed together.

thats it.

I need everything else:

motor mounts (if someone has some to keep me from setting up a local fab guy)

tranny mount stuff

fuel line stuff

short stack headers

anything else anyone can think of that will help the ease of this swap that would be nice. also if anyone has any leads to any of this stuff or anything i can do to help collect parts thanks ^^

im also looking around for some advice on how to mod the gas pedal to a cable type i have read around on the honda crv cable working but havent seen much on how people mod the actual throttle cable mount at the pedal

thanks everyone

best way to get ahold of me is text

916-seven 99- one629

thanks mats.

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