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Hi All,


First time posting. First and foremost Thanks to all of those who posted to this forum; all great information that has helped me become familiar with a car that I've wanted for so long.


This is my first 2002 and I plan to make this into a daily driver, but it needs to be smogged (familiar subject on this forum).  I believe I have all of the smog required parts; air pump, EGR valve, etc (big assumption)....and more.


I've scoured the forums to see "how" the smog equipment is configured/installed in the 1976 models and I've found nothing. I've read the diagrams and they're helpful, but if someone has photo(s) of their '76 with the smog equipment installed or point me to a URL with the same I'd really appreciate it. It'll help me understand how the belts and pumps are supposed to be correctly installed and configured.


Also, if anyone has pictures of their factory air conditioning pump installed (engine compartment) I'd appreciate it as well. Thx!


Here's what I know about the car;

-New crate motor

-New clutch and flywheel

-Came with new 32/36 Weber carb

-has factory airconditioning (pump not installed)


Here's what I've done so far:

-Adjusted all of the valves, rechecked head bolts

-New valve cover gasket

-New alternator (to be installed today)

-replaced rear tail light (cracked)

-Installed new license plate lights.

-Installed a used Bosch distributor with new o-ring, coil, points, rotor, cap, plugs and wires.

-Installed an electric fuel pump w/relay and kill switch

-replaced most of the vacuum hoses in engine compartment.

-Installing new HID lights

....and more on the project list.





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Based on past experience, it would be my prediction you may run into trouble with the Weber carburetor, but it would depend upon the shop and how willing they are to "work" with you by fine-tuning the car to meet the expected emissions.

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IIRC there is a Weber 32/36 that is "certified" by the California Smog Nazis and is so tagged.  Hope that's what you have.  Lotsa CA folks on the board who have gone through all this...and your alternative if you can't get it to pass is to find a 75 or earlier car, and sell your nice rust-free '76 to a buyer in the midwest or northeast who only have rust-eaten cars to choose from...


Welcome to the group!



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Here it is;


This is just one link. If you type in smog pictures in search box and select google engine search you will get 294 results.

Good link. It's going to be hard to find more, more-useful photographs of this.

Two notes: First, all U.S. '75 model year cars came with the same emissions controls as CA-only '76 model year cars (49-state '76 model year cars did not have the EGR and Thermactor exhaust manifold, but did have everything else you'll need). So...if you need additional parts, you can look to '75 model year cars.

Second, these emissions controls are nearly 40 years old. Expect that some of these components may not function as originally designed. If the presence of all original components is all you need, fine. But if everything must function as original, don't be shocked if you must seek some replacement parts. Such parts are around, but you may have to dig! Case in point, I run the original emissions controls on my 49-state '76 because the car is very original. But, when I recently needed a new diverter (a.k.a., "gulp") valve, it took three tries before I found a used diverter valve that still worked correctly!

Good luck. Love the Mintgrun!


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Here are pics of my CA '76 equipment before I removed it. Pieces are circled in red, plumbing is marked with wide red lines, and of course, the electrical is all in blue shrouds. The PO said that it had just passed inspection when I bought it. In addition, the Weber 32/36 box had a CARB sticker, and the carb has an aluminum CARD tag on it. HTH




















David in Nashville

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As you know CA requires both a visual inspection and the tail pipe numbers.

It is not all that difficult to pass if you tune the car properly and run the equipment as designed. As stated above the old used stuff when not kept in service seize up and rust or become bunk. The diverter valve AKA gulp is one of the hardest parts to find used in working order.

Anyway, My reco is to install all the SMOG equipment so the kid running the inspection will give you a pass. Then tune it right and, one can at no penalty, get a CA approved CAT exhaust installed for the test.

The Weber tag IMHO is not such a big deal since it will be under the air cleaner. Any test station looking for that tag should be avoided. Find a station in the right part of town.

But what do I know?


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  • 3 weeks later...

I wanted to Thank everyone for their input. I've spent hours reading similar posts I realized the PO had installed a non-smog exhaust manifold. Luckily I'm really close to good '02 part resources in Northern California. Looks like I have most of the other hard-to-find parts with the exceptions of hoses, tubes, nuts and bolts. This project has rekindled a desire to start working on cars again (30+ year hiatus) and I've had to make several trips to Sears and Harbor Freight for tools I once had, but have since disappeared.


Since this car was in pieces when I first bought her, I've taken "conkitchen's" strategy with ensuring the car is fully tuned with all of the necessary smog parts installed. I've restored almost a dozen cars in my past, but it's been years since I've wrenched like this.


Having a great time with this car....frustrating at times, but this website has been a great resource for this DIY project. The only thing I wish I had more of is time...


Thanks again!

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