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Oil Leaks And General Engine Sealing Questions

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Having recently purchased an 02 that needs work, it is time to get started.  What I do know is that it runs well and has the original block and a late E12 head.  Unfortunately it leaks oil and has had numerous questionable repairs.  Mainly creative use of RTV sealant and some kind of JB weld material.  My plan is to pull the engine and reseal it properly with new gaskets and whatever else is necessary. 


Questions I have:


Exactly what is needed as far as gaskets and what brands work best?


Any advice is welcome.  Thanks.



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You can poke around on REALOEM to get a sense of what gaskets and crush rings are needed and what the part numbers are. Here's a link to one of the relevant engine diagrams:

There are gasket "kits" that contain most things, but often leave out the oil filter housing and distributor cover gaskets. As with similar questions, this has been discussed before.


Here's a list of both individual parts and one kit. I think there is also a head gasket "kit". Most people would never replace some of these parts, mainly the large coolant plug crush rings.


Description    Qty    Part No.

--------------     -----    ----------
distributor cover gasket    1    12111734032
Exhaust manifold gasket with heat shield    1    11621723876
Front crank seal    1    11141709629
Intake Manifold Gaskets    3    11611727994
Intake Manifold Gasket-Water neck    1    11611727995
lower timing cover gasket [L]    1    11141727981
lower timing cover gasket [R]    1    11141727980
oil filter housing gasket    1    11421312607
oil pan gasket    1    11131727974
rear seal (90 X 110 X 12)     1    11142249533
rear seal housing gasket    1    11141727975
Stock Head Gasket (1.80 mm)    1    11121734280
Timing Case Gasket and Seal Set (inc. M10 front seal)    1    11141727986
upper timing cover gasket [L]    1    11141727979
upper timing cover gasket [R]    1    11141727978
valve cover gasket    1    11121734276
water pump gasket    1    11511727977
Oil pump O-rings    2    11411250421
Block coolant plug crush washer (A14X18-AL)    1    07119963200
Block oil galley crush washer - OPTION #1 (A12X15.5 AL)    1    07119963130
Block oil galley crush washer - OPTION #2 (A14X18-AL)    1    07119963200
Block driver side crush washer (A10X13.5-AL)     1    07119963073
Head coolant plug crush washer (A30X36-AL)    1    07119963466
Block coolant plug crush washer (A30X36-AL)    1    07119963466
Heater Hose crush ring, small (A22X27-AL)    1    07119963355
Heater Hose crush ring, large (A36X42-AL)    1    07119963467

distributor O-ring    1    12118530508
Distributor housing crush washer    1    12110002735
Timing Chain tensioner crush washer (A22X27-AL)    1    07119963355
Oil drain plug crush washer (A12X17-CU)    option    07119963151
Oil drain plug crush washer (A22X27-AL)    1    07119963355
Oil filler cap gasket (38.5 x 59 x 2.5)    1    1020180380


The only part #'s I don't have are the oil pressure sender crush washer and mechanical fuel pump gasket.


Everyone has thier favorite parts source. I find good prices and availablity at RM European, but I shop around quite a bit and use at least a dozen sources for my parts. From my experience most brands of gaskets work fine--Elring, Felpro, Victor Reinz, etc.


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Thanks for the all the part numbers, much appreciated! I'll start gathering these after the weekend. Hope to have the engine out before the end of the month(I've got a Model A to sell first). Already removed the a/c compressor, evaporator and another belt driven accessory . The condenser fan motor and condenser is next.

This is going to be fun.  

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