Decoding Bmw 1600, 2002, 200Tii Vin

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The main problem with those numbers (which can be found in the factory shop and parts manuals) is that BMW used calendar years to designate their year's production rather than the typical model year (1 Sept-30 Aug) used here in the US.  Thus you may have a car whose VIN falls within the calendar year 1972 factory figures, but is actually a 1973 model year car, because it was built between 1 September and 31 December.  


The figures are much clearer for US spec squarelights, as the factory started each new model year with a different VIN run; they didn't do that with the roundies.  


If you really want to know when your car was assembled, an e-mail to BMW Classic will give it to you in a day or so.  




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