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Got my sync link installed, drives pretty well but idles terrible. With the mixture screw in all the way and the idle speed at about 1000rpm its the best I can get unless I bump the speed up to 1500 or so. It currently idles very rough and uneven.


Im no good at tuning but it seems to be rich at idle. However, my idle jets are already smaller than a lot of setups I've read on the board. It seems most are running .60/.50 or .60/.55 


Currently running:


Main 140/140
Air 145/160
Idle .50/.50


Should I just go ahead and try smaller idle jets or is there something else I should look into first? I also realized something with the idle jets. The ones that were already in the carb were both "secondary" idle jets. Is that correct for this setup or should I be using a primary and a secondary? 







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Mike  there is a thread somewhere that has some tips.  We installed mine and just played with it.  I am not certain if we just lucked out or we are good.


My idle is higher even after warm up (water choke) at 1000. It will "skip" iniatially when I floor it.  The gas consumption is up as well. But it runs like a scalded dog. 


I say search for the posts here.  Sync is a common "upgrade" in this community.

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It also doesnt like to rev when its cold, which is annoying because it doesn't like to idle either haha. When you give it gas it bogs and backfires. Would this be caused by the rich idle or is it likely that I am rich else where as well? 

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