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Turns & Wipers Electrically Connected?

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I have just started to figure what's what but wanted to gain the collective knowledge before beginning the hair pulling out.

73 2002 not too messed with except I see that the PO rewired the headlight switch connectors but that feature works no issue. highs, lows, dash and parking lights all illuminate.

Today I set out to find out why my turns and wipers no work.

As I started looking into it I see the wiper/turn signal stalk has been replaced. Thought maybe the wrong one for the year. It has the red and green tape plus all the pins line up excpet the very center pin which is HOT on the chasis side and void on the stalk side. Maybe the issue? Yet I got it all to operate.

As I started poking around the leads with my test light, I got the flasher relay (looks to have been replaced too and works) to function and the turns to work. Also at that time the wipers worked. Thinking it was just a loose connection, I reassembled things and then, of course both my wipers and tunrs stopped working.

The test light proved no power going into the stalk.

Known working:

Hazard flasher

all four turn signal bulbs

flasher relay (when operating)sounded good and steady

Wipers when working worked on both speeds

washer unit

Been looking at the wires uder the dash and there is only one white ot light gray wire not hooked up but it is niether HOT with the ignition on or off.

Gotta think this is a relay issue but the diagram shows no wiper motor relay.

Where to look next?

Ill post a pic of the engine bay relays later

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I knew Ray was gonna say grounds and fuses, yes checked. I'm not a mechanic though I play one on this forum.

Attached images are the things in question.

Obviously there is the flasher relay pic 1225 and the WISCH WASCH GEBER meaning wipe-wash encoder.

Then pic 1226 is the stalk color coded RED/GREEN

Finally 1227 shows a relay wich according to some books I have locates that spot for the wiper delay, which don't add up on this 73.

I think it's the encoder but why would that mess my turns up?





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BTW unusually high amount of typos cause I was in a rush today. Plus I can seem to edit original posts ever since the new site.

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