Starting After R/ring Fuel Delivery System

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I did search before asking. I swear.


Working through my new-to-me 74 tii. Brakes and front end almost done so while I wait on parts I moved to the fuel delivery system.


Tank looks great inside. I drained it, pulled the pick-up, cleaned the screen, and reinstalled with new rubber gasket. I have a new filter for the front end and correct rubber line where needed.


I dropped the pump / canister assembly and cleaned everything up.


Now I have two questions:


1. Should I prime the pump in some way or another prior to trying to start the car? I always thought it was a no-no to run an electrical pump dry.


2. Anyone know of a good source for an inline fuel filter? I want to put one between the tank and the pump as my pump does not have the inlet screen (replaced in 1995 with aftermarket)


I can find plenty of 1/2 inch inlet/out fuel filters. 12mm is not much smaller than that. Safe to use?

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1. Crank it up. Should Sifon fast enough.

2. Just go to the parts store and find a suitable filter. I used a hanging, top inlet/outlet piece and hung it under the car where the hose exits the trunk. Pump isojbted above the diff and little on down the line.

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