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blinker indicator goes off at 1000 rpm

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Howdy -

Replaced a bad alternator today, so no more battery light coming

on, but I still have a symptom that I'm hoping you guys can nail:


1) Turn blinker on, and it stays on until my RPMs drop under 1000

(basically, at idle)

2) Outside blinkers continue working, I hear the blinker switch

noise - never goes off until it's supposed to

3) While blinker is on, when I give it gas, and turn the engine

above 1000 RPM, in 1st, or neutral, the blinker indicator comes

back on.



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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://www.zeebuck.com/02bc/index.htm

socket contacts, the fuses, and replacing old bulbs and brass-based bulbs with quality nickel-plated base ones. And, make sure the fronts are wired correctly so that the higher wattage filament is the turn signal (on cars with dual filament bulbs in front). If you have rusty front fenders, the ground connection via the screws that hold the signal light fixtures in place may be no good and so you may need to run a new ground wire.

The signal indicator stops working when not enough current flows through the turn signal circuit to trigger the relay that flashes the dash light. It was designed this way to warn you when a turn signal bulb is out (since then it would draw less current and you would know something is up since the dash indicator stopped lighting).

Corrosion on the many connections in the turn signal circuit can also reduce current flow below the threshold for the indicator light, even though all the bulbs are OK. Your cases are probably marginal, and so your signal indicator still works at higher RPMS because the alternator is putting out more power, the system voltage is higher, and that forces more current through the circuit.



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Guest Anonymous


the theory involving idle current level and increasing rpm current levels sounds right. I did not realize that stuff. But i have another thought. My internal blinker light in my Sahara has been a PITA forever. I know i have no current loss /electrical flow problems and i know the lights themselves are correctly mounted. The only unknown area is the stalk itself. I think my problem, and maybe yours too, is the contact in the stalk. you may be generating a sympathetic vibration level at 1k rpm that makes things happen. i dont know for sure- but i know that i have had weird electrical stuff occur on both cars when there have been loose contacts ( both pos. and ground)and certain rpm/vibration levels. I bet if you went through the entire system ,as previously recommended, you will cure the problem. Let us know what is involved with fixing an internal blinker light that is intermittent.Thre is another person with same problem right now on Board. i have not had the courage/desire to tackle that problem. If you have success, maybe i will put it on my to finally take care of list. thanks

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Guest Anonymous

1. Remove flasher unit from it's location under the dash, just above the hood release and remove the cover. If you unplugged it from the wiring harness, plug it back in

2. Engage turn signals with the engine off and ign on, and observe the two sets of relay points in the unit. The one that isn't working is the set that causes the inside light to blink.

3. Carefully bent the contact arm closer to the fixed contact until it blinks reliably with the engine off. This should cause it to work even at low idle speed.

4. Reinstall cover and flasher unit to its clip. You're done.



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